Kaunas HE hydro unit successfully tested virtual coupling with 1 MW battery storage system

Posted by Karolis Mirinavičius

"Ignitis gamyba", Lithuanian TSO "Litgrid" and Lithuanian energy institute (LEI) experimental test using virtual coupling of Kaunas hydropower unit and 1MW battery storage energy showed that utilizing these both technologies helps hydro units to stabilize power curves and enables it to provide system services for the TSO.

By coupling these two technologies with efficient control and technical potential such a system can provide more flexibility, help to integrate more renewable and most of all provide necessary system services. During the test, Litgrid sent commands from their dispatch system for controlling the battery power output. In this specific case, a scenario of response to a change in system frequency was simulated. The hydropower unit has a large power output potential where the battery system can charge and discharge specific amounts of power during a short period of time. Such coupling of these two power units can provide high power system stability and reliability.

This test proved that hydropower unit together with a battery storage system meets the standard requirements for providing system services. During the test, the coordinated power output of the Kaunas hydropower plant unit and battery system in Vilnius was performed. Changes in the frequency characteristic of the main electric power system were simulated and coordinated power control of the hydro unit and the battery was carried out, when the use of battery power compensated for the power of slower hydro unit in response to the change in frequency.

You can find out more about the project here - https://ignitisinnovation.com/projects/battery-energy-storage/.

Prepared by Ignitis Innovation Hub – Vytautas Keršiulis, [email protected]

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