About Ignitis Innovation Hub

Here at Ignitis Innovation Hub we believe in the #EnergySmart world and work every day to bring the future closer. 

Every day we seek for new ideas, conceptualize, pilot and help to scale today’s vision into tomorrow’s smart products and services. As an integral part of the Ignitis Group – one of the largest and most innovative utilities operating in the Baltics, Finland and Poland – we are able to open the local infrastructure, funding, partnerships, culture, data and more to support the growth of the EnergyTech ecosystem. 

About Ignitis Innovation Hub
Pilot projects

Open Innovation development framework

Our strategy-driven open innovation development model enables thorough review and assessment of a large number of energy smart ideas. We collect and register new ideas and developments flowing from five key areas – Open Funding, Open Culture, Open Infrastructure, Open Partnerships and Open Data.

Successful and perspective ideas pass through all development stages – ideation, conceptualization, piloting and scaling-up the innovation to commercialization or internal applications. The model helps direct efforts and investment towards qualified ideas as per established criteria for each stage and accelerates the development of our energy smart innovations.


Open Funding

Ignitis Group seeks for cooperation with the creators of the #EnergySmart future and helps companies grow by providing early-stage investment opportunities.

This is why Ignitis Group anchored the first energy-oriented venture capital fund in the Baltics in 2017.

Ignitis Smart Energy Fund is managed by Contrarian Ventures.

Open Funding

Meet the Innovation Team

Paulius Kozlovas Gretė Bagdonaitė Karolis Mirinavičius Matas Dijokas Vincentas Vitkauskas Vytautas Keršiulis Robertas Tumilo Mindaugas Pranaitis Ina Vaitiekutė Martynas Šoliūnas Ernestas Zimkus
Paulius Kozlovas

Head of Innovation | Ignitis Group

Gretė Bagdonaitė

Junior Innovation Project Manager | Ignitis Group

Karolis Mirinavičius

Innovation Project Manager | Ignitis Group

Matas Dijokas

Modelling Expert | Ignitis Group

Vincentas Vitkauskas

Innovation Project Manager | Ignitis Group

Vytautas Keršiulis

Innovation Project Manager | Ignitis Group

Robertas Tumilo

Innovation Project Manager | Ignitis Group

Mindaugas Pranaitis

Head of Innovation and Service development | ESO

Ina Vaitiekutė

Innovation Project Manager | ESO

Martynas Šoliūnas

Innovation Project Manager | ESO

Ernestas Zimkus

Innovation Project Manager | ESO

Paulius Kozlovas

Head of Innovation | Ignitis Group

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