Solar Charging and Smart Heating – Tools for Greater Energy Efficiency

Posted by Tautvydas Labeikis

A Platform for Greater Energy Efficiency

Energy management applications, such as Ignitis EnergySmart app, offer a myriad of benefits, making them indispensable tools for energy consumers and prosumers alike. At the core of their advantages lies the power to enhance awareness regarding energy consumption. Ignitis EnergySmart app has over 30,000 users and the number continues to grow. Data provided by EnergySmart app empowers users with insights into their usage patterns, fostering informed decision-making. The financial benefits are substantial, as the ability to monitor and optimize energy consumption leads to tangible cost savings up to 20 %. Furthermore, the app contributes to environmental sustainability by offering information on carbon footprints, encouraging users to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Ignitis EnergySmart app

Integration of Smart Functionalities into EnergySmart Application

Dynamic EV charging

The integration of smart automation and remote monitoring features represents a pivotal step towards sustainable and efficient energy utilization. Dynamic EV charging has already been implemented into Ignitis EnergySmart app and it counts significant savings for the app users – approximately 30% of the annual EV charging electricity cost in Lithuania. We are on the way of implementing more smart automation functionalities in partnership with start-ups Gridio and Enode. Features such as EV charging with solar energy surplus and optimization of heat pumps are coming soon.

Solar charging innovative functionality allows users to seamlessly incorporate solar power into their overall energy strategy. By connecting solar panels to the app, users can strategically plan when to charge their devices or store excess solar energy for later use. The charging of an EV is initiated automatically whenever the energy generated by solar panels exceeds the household's current energy consumption, thereby maximizing solar investment and reducing EV charging costs. The application also offers insights into the efficiency of solar panels and helps users make data-driven decisions to further optimize their solar charging systems.

Source: Gridio's solar-charging feature
Source: Enode — smart heating

Smart heating innovative functionality allows users to remotely control and optimize their heating systems through the app. Users can schedule heating cycles, set temperature thresholds, and even adjust settings based on occupancy patterns and electricity price. Energy usage is minimized by sending signals to heat pump, instructing it to decrease output or shut down completely during periods of elevated energy costs and resume operation when prices decrease. These signals are transmitted automatically, with a priority on maintaining users' environments within a pre-established temperature range. The monitoring capabilities provide insights into heating usage, helping consumers identify opportunities for energy savings.

Smart automation and remote monitoring features motivate users to strive for greater energy efficiency. With integration capabilities for smart devices, educational resources, and customization options, Ignitis EnergySmart app emerges as a comprehensive solution for fostering a culture of sustainability and efficiency.

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