Solar-charging solution

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The installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels enables the generation of power not just for a household or the grid. Solar electric energy can also be directed straight to your electric vehicle, thereby substantially reducing charging costs and significantly shortening the amortization period of a PV system.


Homeowners with a grid-tied PV system (without batteries) should aim to utilize as much solar power as possible during the day to optimize the value of their solar investment. Nevertheless, a considerable number of homeowners will find it necessary to export surplus solar power back to the grid, as solar generation may not consistently align with their consumption patterns.


Through collaboration with Estonian startup Gridio, a built-in system for dynamic charging management was implemented, which can be accessed via Ignitis EnergySmart app. The functionality detects occasions when the solar panels produce more power than the current demand of other consumers in the household, effectively channeling this surplus to charge the electric car's batteries.

Possessing an intelligent solar-charging system ensures that you operate your EV on environmentally friendly power and could contribute to grid stability.  Charging an electric vehicle with surplus solar energy not only reduces the need to buy energy from the grid but distribution fees are also avoided. No additional hardware is needed.

The procedure:

  1. Connection of an EV and solar inverter to the app.
  2. Setting solar-charging limits.
  3. When solar panels generate a specific amount of power, the charging process initiates automatically – no manual input required.

The solution is compatible with various inverters, such as Fronius, Huawei (FusionSolar), Growatt, SMA, Mock, Solaredge, Solis, Sungrow and Ferroamp. Additional inverters will be added in the future.

Ignitis EnergySmart mobile application


Functionality tests have been carried out and front-end development tasks in EnergySmart app completed. The usability testing with a test user is going to be conducted soon. If the outcomes meet expectations, the functionality will be offered to all Ignitis EnergySmart app users.

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