KACO Reactive Power Control

Distribution network


With increasing numbers of renewable power generation in low voltage grid, prosumers can cause some voltage quality consistency problems during peak hours. As well as long low voltage lines can have issues with load at different phases during different periods.


Increasing and decreasing voltages in low voltage network may be caused by irregularities in users electricity usage (load) together with different generation profiles. Network operator must ensure that voltage quality is kept within standard ranges, different solutions might be adapted for this reason.


Sandbox project was initiated after signing an agreement between Siemens and Elseta and ESO. In this project a new reactive power control unit KACO will be tested for enabling voltage control in the distribution grid where the voltage quality does not meet the requirements.

Status and Progress

KACO unit is provided by Siemens and a controller for the device is developed by Elseta company. The device was tested until 2022 Q2 and the results have shown that it can successfully control voltage on individual phase and keep it within standard ranges. ESO will further evaluate for potential scale-up of such technology in the distribution grid and identify potential locations for it to be adapted.

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