"Ignitis Classroom" - Educational Program for Young Innovators

Decarbonization | Digitalization | E-mobility

Open Culture is one of the most important Open Innovation pillars that enables us to communicate about #EnergySmart solutions, discuss and stimulate interest in the energy sector.

Therefore, Ignitis in cooperation with the Vilnius city municipality established program - Intelligent Energy Lab (www.iel.lt) and the Energy and Technology Museum has created an educational program - "Ignitis Classroom".

The program organized by museum's trained guides and educators is designed for 6th to 11th graders. By attending the "Ignitis Classroom" pupils get familiar with the basic theoretical concepts of the electricity, its generation and consumption as well as dive into the world of energy innovation, smart devices, electric vehicles, renewables and climate change.

The key aim of the program is to popularize the energy sector among the future energy innovators and help understand the key questions around the energy concepts.

The program also largely focuses on explaining the climate change processes and how can we avoid it. Educators talk about the energy efficiency, sustainability and what simple actions can every person take to be more sustainable.

The education also includes workshop activities where participants, hands-on, can create their own PV module and test it.

In 2020 "Ignitis Classroom" program has gathered more than 1 000 participants and is planned to invite event more in year 2021-2022.

We believe that future energy innovators gather in the "Ignitis Classroom" and we are ready to support and encourage them in pursuing their interest in the energy sector and help us create the world that is #EnergySmart.