Green Hydrogen Production and Blending pilot project

Decarbonization | Hydrogen


Lithuanian gas transmission grid operator “Amber Grid”, distribution network operator “ESO” and company “SG dujos auto” signed a cooperation agreement to start Power-to-gas technology implementation. During this project, the first green hydrogen production unit will be connected to the Lithuanian gas system. The first results of the pilot project will be prepared and the first green hydrogen will be produced (using P2G) together with the start of a research program in 2024.

During this research and development, project parties will evaluate how to adapt the current gas network to transport green hydrogen. In this project electrolysis unit will be using green electricity and hydrogen will be transmitted to transmission and distribution networks. The hydrogen gas that will be produced by the electrolysis unit will be blended with natural gas in different proportions and will be delivered to the end customers.


The main goals of this project are:

  • Demonstrate green hydrogen blending with CH4;
  • Provide green hydrogen directly to the transmission gas network, evaluating impact to the DSO and TSO infrastructure;
  • Initiate a new market for green gas (green gas certification), evaluate additional perspective for renewable energy production when production capacities are limited.

In this project, SG dujos auto will be responsible for hydrogen production using an electrolysis unit and also will provide a compression unit, Amber Grid (gas TSO) will be responsible for blending H2 with CH4, and quality and impact analysis, ESO (gas and electricity DSO) will be responsible for additional measurements in DSO grid and impact analysis for the infrastructure.

Status and Progress

The project was initiated in 2021 by signing a cooperation agreement, additionally a research program is being prepared by the research institute. In 2023 companies plans to prepare a technical project, necessary permits and procurements to be be finished and the equipment to be installed and prepared for production in 2024.