ESO Low Voltage Network Quality Monitoring

Digitalization | Distribution network


ESO distribution network of low voltage network has limited monitoring (that should change with the increase of smart meters in the network). Despite that, there are situations when additional measurements must be done in order to evaluate the current condition and status of load and voltage profiles in the specific area in the network.


ESO has specific analyzers for very detailed data collection and analysis, the main problem was that such analysis takes a lot of time since engineers need to travel to the site, install equipment, wait for data to be collected for a week or two, come back and collect the equipment and analyze the data using specific software. A more plug-and-play web-based solution was needed.


ESO signed a Sandbox agreement and successfully tested Advangrid solution from Latvia. Advangrid is plug&play low voltage grid analysis equipment. DSO can setup and online analyze voltage quality in selected locations, it is easy to install and change monitoring location when needed. It provides automated reports for engineers.

Status and Progress

During the pilot project, ESO identified a problem with the transformer when the client could not connect PV due to voltage fluctuations.

After the pilot total of 12 devices were bought by ESO and currently are successfully used by ESO technology and maintenances teams.