ESO Gas-flow Microturbine pilot project

Distribution network


ESO as the main distribution network operator is responsible for electricity and gas distribution in Lithuania. The gas network consists of many medium and low-pressure networks as well as pressure regulating stations with various devices.


Typically gas distribution and pressure regulation stations need electricity feed for communication and measurement devices. In some cases electricity feeder availability is limited or connection to the station is impossible or very costly. In such a case, batteries can be a solution but is more of a short-term and not very reliable energy of supply.


ESO signed a Sandbox agreement with Vilduja to cooperate on testing a microturbine solution in ESO gas grid. Such gas microturbine will supply energy for communication and measurement devices in the gas distribution stations where electricity supply is complicated. The main goals of this project are:

  • Test microturbine in real grid conditions (approximately 60W of power)
  • Test electricity supply for designated equipment from gas microturbine
  • Evaluate solution adoption in gas grid where eletric input is complicated


The equipment was installed 2022 Q1 and tested for one year period. The technology showed potential in specific cases where electrical power input is difficult due to location and connection specifics. The system is innovative and the potential to adapt it will be evaluated in each case. At the current stage the solution will not be scaled up due to constrains regarding the pressure instabilities in the system during different seasons and the reliability of back up power supply need.