ESO Earth Fault Detection equipment testing

Digitalization | Distribution network


ESO distribution network consist of different infrastructure like overhead lines and cables. It is important to monitor and measure faults occurring in the network and by that prevent major accidents. Mainly short-circuit and earth faults are being measured in such networks that allow to locate existing faults and prevent larger faults in the underground cable network.


Due to specific infrastructure configuration and available compensation of electrical power grid measurement of earth faults requires very sensitive equipment. It must be sensitive enough and provide secure and reliable data collection for further analysis.


ESO is testing an innovative earth fault detection solution, which allows detecting earth fault signals, including short-circuits, in compensated medium voltage grid. During the pilot project, the Emtele solution was tested in ESO grid by performing live testing in one of the grid segments with substation and underground cables.

The main goal is to detect and locate earth faults and integrate signals into the DMS system. Additionally, perform sensitivity tests in a real grid environment collaborating with Kaunas University of Technology.

Status and Progress

The system was tested in rural areas, where currents are too low for such detections. Such a device will be implemented in more heavily populated areas where higher earth fault currents might appear and will be evaluated in real grid conditions.