Ignitis EnergySmart mobile application



In 2022 Lithuanian DSO started rolling out smart meters in Lithuania. Smart metering system enables automatic consumption declaration but that is only one of the possible consumer benefits. It also provides various opportunities for retailers to propose insights on individual consumption data and help energy clients engage in energy efficiency activities.


Soaring energy prices forced consumers to search ways to save energy and invest in energy saving products. However, each consumer is different in their consumption patterns while retailers have very few possibilities to propose personalized solutions.

Until today our energy retailer Ignitis had only few technical capabilities to propose personalized solutions to individual consumers - the fastest communication channels where Ignitis Helpdesk and direct emailing. Both channels were created for regular management of daily services or nonfrequent communication.
There was also no technical way to inform consumers about their consumption patterns or advise prosumers about their energy generation in real time. Such situation kept consumers in the dark and created very few possibilities to learn more about the possibilities to save energy bills or reduce their CO2 emissions.


In April 2022 Ignitis EnergySmart Beta mobile application has been launched for Ignitis consumers with smart meters and independent retailer agreements to address the problem. The purpose of the application is to test different solutions with real life consumers while there are only several thousand smart meters in the market. The goal of this pilot project is to have a fully tested mobile solution with the most relevant and available (provided by the DSO) information by the end of 2023.

Beta version of EnergySmart application contains the following functionality:

  • Energy consumption information of the previous day;
  • Energy speedometer that indicates the worst and best days when consumer used the most and the least energy accordingly over the period of last 30 days;
  • Energy consumption and production (for prosumers) reports for days, weeks and months;
  • Consumption disaggregation that indicates energy consumption breakdown of consumer‘s home appliances over the period of last 30 days;
  • Consumption comparison with similar homes;
  • Dynamic EV charging;
  • Current and next day's energy market prices.


First users have already had an opportunity to test the application and provide us with valuable feedback on the application’s functionality. The next release is planned before the end of the year with the necessary functionality for an EV owner. Our team will develop EnergySmart application until mid 2023 where Ignitis digital team will take over further development. 

Want to know more? Contact our Digital Channels Product Owner Severyn Tarasevič – [email protected]