Drones for Inspecting Power Plant Boilers



Ignitis renewables new combined cycle power plants require regular inspection of boilers. These inspections must be done in detail and in efficient way, since power plant maintenance time is limited.


Inspection of boilers requires additional equipment, using scaffolding and takes a lot of man-hours.


A drone inspection solution was tested for secure and efficient inspection of interiors in power plant boilers and other large indoor structures. The project was carried out in collaboration with the team of drone specialists from DRONETEAM.

Status and Progress

Basic technology verification tests conducted in August of 2020 in TEC-3 confirmed the capability for autonomous flight without using GPS or other satellite positioning systems. In September of 2020 this project was piloted in Kaunas waste-to-energy power plant.

Solution is currently applied when needed in Kaunas and Vilnius waste-to-energy cogeneration plants during their planned maintenance and inspection period.