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Following the strategy of Lithuanian Ministry of Energy, Ignitis Group seeks to promote distributed generation in Lithuania. As one of the initiatives in October 1st, 2019 we have implemented a remote solar power plant platform project which enhances the emergence of prosumers in Lithuania.


Before 2019 energy consumers who wanted to become prosumers had to have technical and physical capabilities to put the solar panels on the roofs of their properties. This was impossible if consumers were living in the apartment buildings, in private houses where the roof was not suitable or in the cover of shadows.


A platform was launched to solve this problem and enable all households, including those in the apartment buildings, to acquire part of solar array and generate solar power for personal consumption. The first of its kind, crowdfund based platform is open to all solar power developers to plan, finance and build solar arrays.

“It is the first open energy platform in the world that allows any household in the country to purchase a power plant online,” Darius Maikstenas, CEO of Ignitis Group.


The first power plant project announced in the platform has sold all available capacity in just few days after the launch and started generating electricity in March 2020 for more than 300 households. Since the launch of the platform more than 12 different solar PV developers have sold or rented 36 projects for more than 3000 energy consumers.

With more developers coming to the platform and announcing new project plans, we estimate to provide opportunity of personal solar arrays to more than 20 000 households in the next decade.

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Community solar platform