CO2 Footprint Offsetting Services

Decarbonization | Retail services


The pilot project aims to develop the Ignitis service and sell CO2 offset certification to companies.


Business leaders focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility becomes one of the most important factors within the value chains for partners and clients.​ Reduction of CO2 footprint is achievable via optimizing operations, participating in the emissions trading scheme and offsetting the CO2 footprint.​


Ignitis helps clients achieve CO2 neutrality and sustainability targets and enables commercial enterprises to offer CO2 neutral product values to customers and partners. CO2 neutrality and reduction services for your business activities and products. As a leader in the energy service programs and a trusted partner of representative authorities of the climate change action, Ignitis offers accredited Voluntary Emissions Reduction (VER) certification services.


Since 2021 Ignitis offers help and support to business customers in finding and acquiring CO2 offsetting products. The solution is fully scaled-up as Ignitis service to customers.