Lietuvos Energija signed a cooperation agreement with Kaunas University of Technology

Posted by Paulius Kozlovas
Strengthening its partnership with research institutions, on 8 November 2018, Lietuvos Energija Group signed a cooperation agreement with Kaunas University of Technology. The rector of KTU Prof. Eugenijus Valatka and the CEO of LE Darius Maikštėnas certified the agreement by their signatures. The agreement was signed in pursuit of the integration of science and business, a closer contact between studies and practice, and a partnership between the University and the company. “One of the goals set in the strategy of Lietuvos Energija LE 2030 is the promotion of innovation and new technologies. We strive to become one of the most innovative energy companies in the world, so this year our Innovation Center attracting ideas from all over the world and encouraging the creation of an innovation ecosystem in Lithuania was launched. Thus, the agreement with KTU is yet another step in ensuring that business and science cooperation will promote the application of innovations in the energy sector and create value for Lithuania”, says Darius Maikštėnas, CEO of LE. The rector of KTU Prof. E. Valatka rejoiced over the fact that the University has been successfully working with Lietuvos Energija for several years, and expressed his hope for the cooperation enshrined by the agreement to become an additional incentive to develop and expand this activity. “The University, which seeks to implement its mission to the public and the state, finds a close partnership with business and the industry to be absolutely necessary. I am pleased to see that business also appreciates the potential of such cooperation. I have no doubt that by continuing working together, KTU and Lietuvos Energija will find new points of contact and ways to utilize this potential: by improving competencies in research, developing energy specialists and creating innovations for Lithuania”. The signed agreement will allow partners to cooperate in the preparation and implementation of projects of research, human resources and other areas, also creating research produce, exchanging and systematizing scientific and technological information; to cooperate in the development of study programmes, organization of student training practices and the application of the acquired knowledge in practice. The KTU and LE also plan to address technological issues together and to cooperate in creating conditions for research. As a quick reminder, in January 2015, the KTU and LE signed a Letter of Intent. After its signing, the partners established the Lithuanian Centre for Applied Research in Energy in KTU’s Santaka valley, where the University’s researchers carry out joint research and projects with representatives of LE. The result of this cooperation is the drafted business plan and the application submitted for co-funding of the project from the European Union funds under the research, experimental development (R&D) and innovation promotion measure “Intelligence. Joint Science - Business Projects”. The project is aimed at installing an experimental floating solar power plant at Kruonis Pumped Storage Plant, adapting it to the conditions of operation in the basin of the hydroelectric power station and creating a system operating model, which would allow the power plant to provide a new and reliable primary electricity reserve service. These works are planned to be completed by 2021. Lietuvos Energija Group is one of the largest groups of energy companies in the Baltic States. The core activities of the Group include the generation and supply of electricity and heat, trade and distribution of electricity and natural gas, as well as the servicing and development of electrical facilities. More information about Ignitis group

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