Ignitis Group joins Intelligent Energy Lab - sustainable energy platform

Ignitis Group joins Intelligent Energy Lab - sustainable energy platform

Posted by Karolis Mirinavičius

On 23 July, the sustainable and intelligent energy platform Intelligent Energy Lab was launched in Vilnius, which will unite companies and representatives of science interested in the development of energy, based on technology and innovation. The international energy company Ignitis grupė also expressed its wish in the memorandum to join the initiative of Vilnius city municipality.

The operating principles and objectives of the new Sustainable Energy Platform were confirmed in a memorandum signed by the participants of the Intelligent Energy Lab – 16 companies and organisations. In addition to Ignitis grupė, the memorandum was signed by companies such as EPSO-G, the Centre of Registers, Axioma Metering, BOD Group, Solitek, as well as the Lithuanian Heat Suppliers Association, the Independent Heat Producers Association, the Lithuanian Builders Association, BaltCap, Katalista Ventures and representatives of science Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, Association of Vilnius Valleys.

One of the ambitious objectives, which will be unanimously pursued by all partners interested in the development of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and the modern urban energy sector, is to achieve a neutral impact of the city on the climate in Vilnius by 2040. It is estimated that the first investment in the project will save 400,000 tonnes of CO2 in 10 years, equivalent to more than 21,000 hectares of forests needed to absorb this amount of CO2 emissions.

It was decided to gather under one umbrella the companies, organisations, funds and scientists performing different energy activities to the company Vilniaus šilumos tinklai, a company controlled by Vilnius city municipality.

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