Power to X

E-fuels – Fuels of the Future

Power-to-X (P2X) is the term used to describe energy conversion technologies that can convert renewable electricity into carbon-free fuel. Hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic methane or methanol can be used for energy storage and are essential for decarbonising the industrial and transport sectors. The development of P2X technologies is an important part of the European Union’s green economy, and is a key tool to achieve Lithuania’s decarbonisation and energy independence goals.

Going Green for Energy Independence

The development of renewable energy generators is being pursued in order to meet the National Decarbonisation and Energy Independence targets. Due to weather uncertainties, the generation of electricity from RES is volatile and the amount of surplus energy on the market may reduce the attractiveness of RES development. In order to continue the development of RES generation, and to address grid management issues, P2X technologies enable a Flexible Demand Management (FDM) mechanism that can stabilise electricity surpluses or shortages, and is essential for the development of green energy.