Open Partnership

At Ignitis Group Innovation Hub we are open for partnerships and collaborations among new and existing partners, academic institutions, start-ups and other energy sector utility companies. 

We recognize partnerships as a key enabler for effective and result-oriented innovation development.

We also aim to become an active R&D partner in Baltic region for energy-related technologies, utilizing calls such as Horizon2020.

Open Partnership

Our Partners

Contrarian Ventures logo
A venture capital fund focused on sustainable energy, transition based, early-stage investment. Contrarian Ventures manages the "Smart-Energy fund powered by Ignitis Group".
Energetikos ministerija
The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania. Its mission is to prosecute policy of government of Lithuania in fuel, electricity, thermo-energy production and supply for the economy.
NLEA energetikos asociacija
National Lithuanian Energy Association (NLEA). Its mission is to form a common position of the energy sector and represent it in state institutions, public and international organizations.
Vilnius Tech VGTU
VILNIUS TECH is a leading higher education institution situated in Vilnius. It is one of the biggest research universities in the country with a focus on technologies and engineering.
Energy tech network
The Energy Tech Network is a unique digital platform gathering innovators, companies, investors and corporates dedicated to accelerating sustainable energy.
saulėtekio slėnis mokslo technologijų parkas
Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park is a non-profit focused on development of entrepreneurship, promotion of collaboration and provision of infrastructure to innovative enterprises.
technologijų klasteris
Cluster unites clean technology companies, science and study institutions to cooperate in pursuit of common goals, increasing the competitiveness of its members and strengthening the clean-tech leader image of Lithuania.
women go tech
Women Go Tech is the first mentoring program in Lithuania dedicated to helping women start and accelerate their careers in IT and engineering.
Smart Energy
The Hub unites major research, business and public stakeholders for common implementation of transformations in renewable energy, GHG reduction, eco-design, recycling, environmental protection and circular economy solutions.
KTU kauno technologijos universitetas
KTU is a leading university in Lithuania focused on the research and provision of studies in engineering, technology, physical and social science, humanities and arts fields.
Intelligent Energy Lab
Intelligent Energy Lab (IEL) is an open platform established by the Vilnius city municipality. It is focused on involving companies, universities and others to build smart energy solutions of the future.
A platform, which brings together energy businesses, the scientific community and the most advanced and experienced IT and technology companies. It will focus on developing new innovations and attracting them to the energy sector.