Open Funding

Ignitis Group seeks for cooperation with the creators of the #EnergySmart future and helps companies grow by providing early-stage investment opportunities. 

This is why Ignitis Group anchored the first energy-oriented venture capital fund in the Baltics in 2017. 

Ignitis Smart Energy Fund is managed by Contrarian Ventures.

Open Funding

Key areas of Open funding interest are:

Open Funding
  • Distributed generation
  • Smart grid technology
  • Demand-side response
  • Big data and analytics
  • E-vehicle infrastructure
  • Smart homes
  • E-services for customer support
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Virtual power plants
  • Energy efficiency

Benefits for startups

Startups and technology companies can benefit from collaborating with Ignitis Group in multiple ways:

Access to more than 4 000 employees of Ignitis group who are able to provide expertise throughout the energy sector value chain.
Pre-seed and / or seed funding to kick-start your growth.
Access to over 1.6 million customers of Ignitis Group in the Baltics, Finland and Poland.
Access to infrastructure for testing, piloting and growth.
Access to an international network of mentors, successful entrepreneurs, advisors and potential business partners via Contrarian Ventures.
Access to Ignitis Group as a pilot customer for testing and feedback.

Fund Reporting

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