Open Partnership

Ignitis Group seeks to partner with other energy companies and utilities to develop new technological solutions or adapt existing ones for use in the energy industry. Utilities can collaborate with the Ignitis Group, for example, by conducting simultaneous pilot projects and sharing their results in adopting new technologies. Pilot projects can thus be carried out at half the cost and the speed of learning increased. Ignitis Group is open to sharing its know-how and the lessons learned from our project base with other utilities willing to reciprocate.

Partnering in research and development is another way to collaborate with the Ignitis Group. We aim to become an active R&D partner in Baltic region for energy-related technologies, utilizing calls such as Horizon2020.

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As a partner, Ignitis Group can offer:


  • Know-how: Ignitis group, with over 4,000 employees, has companies that span the energy value chain: from production and trade in natural gas and electricity to the distribution of natural gas and electricity.
  • Infrastructure: The LE group is able to provide access to its infrastructure (generation capabilities, distribution grid and data) for the testing of innovative technologies.


Currently ongoing R&D projects include two pre-commercial procurement initiatives, which are described in more detail below.

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